WE USE THE POWER OF SPORT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO PEOPLE’S LIVES! Improving Health Improving Health Reducing Crime Inspiring Education Increasing participation

“I’ve been stuck in the house for 4 years with depression but this has got me through it and I feel a lot better”


“This group of 8 adults achieved 100% attendance (12 weeks) and a combined weight loss 81lbs!! They have all now progressed onto our walking football session”


“It gets me up in the morning, gets me out the house, meeting other people and then I feel like I’m ready to manage my week better and then it makes you look forward to the next week”

“The impact the Colchester United Football College programme has had on me is immense, it has giving me confidence to express myself and grown as a person”

“It has brought heart health and lifestyle to the front of their thoughts. Being able to compare themselves with footballers also made it more enjoyable.”